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Cast: Shaam, Poonam Kaur, Anil Murali
Director: V. Z. Dhorai

Synopsis: Ram (Shaam) and Lizzy (Poonam) cause a satisfied lifestyle with their son Gautham (Vivedan). On the kid’s 6th wedding, they take him out to the seaside where he goes losing. Ram begins a lengthy search for his son, which requires him all over the nation and pushes him to the absolute depths of hopelessness. Will there be payoff in the end?

Review: The story of 6 Melugu Vathigal is very just like that of the hardly-seen Paraseega Mannan (directed by J suresh), which launched last Dec. Both the films are about a kid going losing, and the initiatives of a comparative trying to monitor him down. While it was the dad in the latter, here, it is the dad, who goes on a nationwide look for, looking for his son. While Suresh’s movie was a awkward make an effort to reduce some mild on the kidnapping mafia that prevails in our nation, Dhorai controls to do better. He gives us figures to proper worry about and the bad guys, though generally published, are a motley collection — a look, a pimp, a specialist, a butchers, an effeminate (Malayalam acting professional Anil Murali is a welcome introduction) and so on — who are successfully scary.

Ram brings a satisfied lifestyle with his spouse Lizzy and son Gautham. On his 6th wedding, the boy goes losing, and Ram goes on a apparently useless look for to get him returning. Assisted by a supportive car car owner Rangan (Munnar Ramesh), Ram paths the boy to a kidnapping cartel and his look for requires him all over the nation and pushes him to the absolute depths of hopelessness.

This is a genuinely created movie that tries to drive on its cause performance. Shaam’s actual modification for this part is impressive, but his variety, when it comes to showing emotions as a entertainer seems to be somewhat restricted. This is a performance that well reveals the exterior activities of the personality but doesn’t really express his inner problems. For example, in one particular time, Ram smashes down after discovering his daughters clothing, and understands that he has skipped his son by a whisker because of his silly brave act in assisting a kidnapped lady. He begins to cry inconsolably and while we get his sadness, we do not experience the character’s shame. It doesn’t help that there is exposition by means of dialogues that have been included during the dubbing.

Dhorai side lines the spouse after the preliminary moments, and it would have created higher effect if a little bit of her emotions had been proven, especially since it was her diversion that led to Gautham going losing. She does reappear for a field later in the movie, informing her spouse that she will keep him as many kids as he wants and asking him to provide up the look for and get returning, as she cannot manage to reduce him as well.

That Ram controls to endure not one but over half-a-dozen unpleasant people in as many places without any help from the cops seems quite implausible given that we are proven that he is just an common close relatives man, but the greatest nuisance, though, is the insistent qualifications ranking (by srikanth Deva), which never results in any space for quiet or more self examination, often overwhelming and switching the already impressive moments noisier.

Nevertheless, despite the faults, the story keeps yanking along, handling to keep us always engaged about the destiny of the losing lad. It is also a movie which reveals that some believed has gone into the creating of the movie. When Ranga confirms to go along with Ram, originally, it seems a little bit implausible as you wonder why a car owner should quit his perform and close relatives to help an almost unfamiliar person for a easy act of goodness. But when we lastly understand of his part in the kidnapping, his activities experience validated and it creates the personality credible.

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