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Cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra
Music Director: Mannan Shaah
Producer: Vipul Shah
Director: Dilip Ghosh

Commando – The War Within movie is about Innovator Karanvir Dogra, who is a commando with 9 Para Commandoes of the Local indian native Army injuries into the Chinese suppliers aspect. Karan is not able to convince the Chinese suppliers of his bonafides as they don’t find out any continues to be.

They encounter they can item him a spy and use this purpose to embarrass the Local indian native Government. The Local indian native Government seems that under these circumstances, the Chinese suppliers will not accept to any proof of Karan having broken during a routine training so they eliminate Karan’s military record and generally reject his way of life.

Karan goes out from the Chinese suppliers aspect before he can be sentenced and goes across into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border and goes through Kinnaur to accomplish his system at Pathankot. As Karan goes across the Himachal – Punjab border, he functions into a woman, Simrit who is getting out of from Amrit Kanwal Singh’s goons.

Amrit Kanwal Singh (a well known character) wants to get wedded to Simrit for government advantages as marriage will provide him some respectability.

Karanvir signals the goons to let go off her but they don’t pay interest and keep the effect of his gathered anger. Simrit far from being pleased shows Karan that he has developed more issues for her and now he must partner her until she seems protected. Amrit Kanwal waylays them on the Andheria Weblink.

Finding himself outnumbered Karanvir steps off the connection with Simrit into a fast loading flow which provides them into a forests. Karanvir understands Simrit’s story and assures to help her. He selects to follow the woodlands direction and then get out of it once they think that the heated on Simrit from Amrit Kanwal Singh and his men has approved away down. Amrit Kanwal Singh however selects to practice them.

Now begins a cat and bunny action between Amrit Kanwal, his men and Karan in the forests. Will Karan improve to the occasion and protect Simrit and all the people living under a authority of worry exposed by Amrit Kanwal and his men or will AK74 as Amrit Kanwal is known in the position keep let decrease his authority of worry.

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