Cast: NTR, Trisha, Karthika, Suman, Nazar, Rahul Dev, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ahuti Prasad, Venu, Ali, Brahmanandam, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Bhanupriya, Rachana Mourya, Zakaria
Dialogues: M Ratnam;
Camera: Arthur A Wilson;
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao;
Music: MM Keeravani;
Art: Anand Sai;
Action: Ram-Laxman;
Presents: KS Ramarao;
Producer: K A Vallabha;
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Boyapati Sreenu.

If you are a die-hard fan of NTR, Dammu is the film you should observe at least twice. It is because NTR’s extreme performance in the second 50 percent increases the ceiling, he victories the war with his grimace look unchanged, providing a dekko performing outcome throughout. It is magnificent foods for Nandamuri lovers out there!

All the same, Dammu is colored with system, it is milk-and-water, which indicates not only is the tale anemic but also NTR’s depiction is nonplussing. The tale is exposed strongly in the very starting. Two blood-thirsty elegant close relatives members have been warring for 45 decades now, taking a large number of simple life in the procedure. A innovative MP (Ranganath) creates them accept set up massacres for just two times in a year; relax of the season must be invested without anyone traversing the LoC. The introduction determines the never-say-die competition between the Suman Royals and Nasser Royals, and very soon, the latter beats the former. Suman’s close relatives and 40 towns who which are by them carry on living in worry for 25 decades. Somewhere in Hyderabad, an orphan (NTR) is holding out in the pizza to get into the landscape as Sri Sri Raja Vasi Reddy and take the aggressive drop.

Dammu’s composing is pedestrian; it is suffering from the point that its ejaculation could have been obtained much previously. What performs for NTR is not the way Boyapati Srinu produces his personality, which is foolish, but his strong look. NTR gets it right in all the battling scenarios, although the strength is suffering from the ambivalence. He is presented as someone who wouldn’t health care two hoots for his lifestyle if somebody’s lifestyle is in risk, but as the film earnings you are remaining to keep thinking why he requires shateringly quite a while to persuade himself that those who have murdered countless numbers don’t are entitled to to be given a opportunity. In the first 50 percent, our idol events up cops in khaki when they damage a resident (stopping only when the House Reverend herself goes into the scene!), but in the second 50 percent he is amazingly individual. So much so, when he has to destroy, he says, “Vaddu vaddu ould – katthi pattaniccharu kadara”, almost weeping having a blood-soaked blade.

Since even the period might have been the ejaculation, the film director usually spends an unnecessary period to make the idol teach serenity, allowing him repeat again and again that war must be the last hotel. It requires a shaking IAS official for him to realize that treating a 70-year old feud, which doesn’t proper take good care of humankind nor worry the law, is difficult. Yet, the film pulls on for another 45 moments. A good percentage of the film is about Nassar’s harshness and NTR’s frightening gallantry. That’s all.

The film director helps you to save a shock factor in the second 50 percent, which is created humorous by a personality arriving out from his self-imposed solitude after 25 decades, with his Rasputin-esque facial beard well-combed!

Dammu is punctuated with melodrama and racked by a number of voyeuristic (read Karthika Nair, Maryam Zakaria) and humorous figures (no, not Brahmi, but Nasser, who activities a bacchante that looks like the locks of a tropical squirrel). Nowadays our movies are using vulgarity to drag up the hero’s ego; the previously this fetish is given up, the better. Discussing of ego, the Leader music provides no other objective than visualizing the Younger Competition in the gowns of an emperor.

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