Cast: Aravind Krishna, Nikitha, Vennela Kishore, Vennela Ramarao, Kalpika, DV, Dinesh, Harish, Yamini, Rakesh, Sarika, Ashok, Charan, Sandhya Bhavani, Rajesh, Imax Venkat, Meghana Shruthi, Veerabhadram, Madhuri J, Prathik, Vishnu, Bhavana and Shikara.
Dialogues: Venkee
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Lyrics: Sira Sree
Director of Photography: PG Vinda
Editing: Praveen Boyina
Production Design: Ravi Kumar Panasa
Presents: Multi Dimensions Entertainments
Producer: Dr. MVK Reddy
Directed by: Madhura Sreedhar

A story of love and lifestyle, the story is about Arjun (Aravind) who comes from Warangal but residing in Hyderabad. He is a game playing design professional and considers in residing lifestyle to the maximum. On the other hand, there is Vandana (Nikitha), an ambitious developer from Vizag who wants to make a profession. Effective her mother and father (Sarath Babu, Jayasudha), Vandana comes to Hyderabad and requires up a job. An surprising incorrect number presents her to Arjun and both become people. A scenario occurs which brings Vandana to move into Arjun’s home without the information of her mother and father. But immediately, the matter leaking to Vandana’s mother and father and it is in those days when both recognize what they were sensation for each other. What happens from there types the rest of the story.

The manager has come up with a reasonable story and while the demonstration was attractive, the story was instant though not interesting at few factors. The dialogues could have been much better. The program was published well and the film program was up to the level. Backdrop ranking was very awesome and all the songs were amazing. Cinematography was excellent. The places were excellent for songs. Modifying was sharp but could have been better. Outfits were fashionable and fashionable while the art division was vibrant. Aravind Krishna is an acting professional to watch out. With jealous body and specifically attractive looks, he has designed an effect. Performance sensible, he was excellent but needs to work on his sculpting in conversation distribution. Nikitha looks lovely, she is significant through her sight and revealed excellent poise and assurance at the front side of the photographic camera despite her first appearance effort. Sarath Babu was stylish, Jayasudha was effective, Vennela Kishore was very humorous, Tagubothu Ramesh was humorous. The others did their bit as required.

The film requires into perspective the attitude of modern creation and how certain choices can cause to expensive errors. While the first 50 percent goes sleek and has light components of humorous and relationship, the second 50 percent gets into few creativities and blends with sensation and melodrama. Overall, this is a film which ratings high on specialized principles like songs and activities from cause throw. The manager followed the content and didn’t extend for any film unreasonable rubbish. This is a very honest and genuine film that is attractive for all focused A category viewers, right from grown up scholars to mother and father.

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