Cast: Asif Taj, Rohan Gudlavalleti, Chinmayi Ghatrazu, Abhejit Pundla, Sidhu Jonnalagadda & Nishanti Evani
Music: Anil R
Cinematography: Andrew Redd & Suresh Babu
Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala
Story – screenplay – dialogues – direction: Praveen Sattaru
Producer: Deborah Stone & Naveen Sattaru.

Praveen Sattaru has created a different effort by maintaining six figures in two really like experiences in the film LBW (Life Before Wedding). He has tried to narrate how sensitive feelings would come out of people immediately soon after they got a no from themselves or while saying no to the family members. Generally, the film is a combination of two similar experiences, which explain the life of six figures and how their connections modify over an occasion period. The film director has validated the headline LBW. Study on for the evaluation.

Rishi (Siddhu) and Jai (Abhijeet) are people. While Rishi is a little temperamental and overactive, Jai is quite awesome and like the saying reverse north and south poles entice, they become people. They come across Anu (Nishanti Evani). Anu is a methodical, principled lady and is quite arranged lady. She does not amuse Rishi, who efforts to come on her. This allows Jai to get close to Anu and create friendly relationship, which becomes really like lastly. While this pie really like tale operates in Native indian back drop, another really like tale operates similar in Facilities. Rajesh (Rohan) and Radhika (Chinmayi) are also people. Once Radhika seems like she was in really like with Rajesh and suggests him. However, Rajeshis under the impact that theirs is an in-depth friendly relationship. Now, Varun (Asif Tej), an Indian-born United states goes into their life. What happens next should be seen on-screen. The film is all about the ever-changing connections that impact the life of different people.

Almost all the stars of the film are beginners. The film director has taken the right choice, as he had to increase the personality and any artiste who is acquainted to the viewers could not get connected to the topic effectively. Among all, Siddhu has given a amazing performance and victories the minds and hearts of the viewers. He has the ability to match the Telugu movies market with a versatile gestures and amazing conversation modulation. Abhijeet also has given an amazing performance. Asif Tej”s fantastic feature and greatness delivers the feeling of believability. Rohan’s ability too comes to light just before the ejaculation. Nishanti and Chinmayi are okay.

Camera work in the film is outstanding. The cinematographer has created use of Red One photographic camera and within restricted sources. However, he has did in taking the feelings of the artistes absolutely. Modifying by Dharmendra is sufficient and minimal drops in cutting some extended scenarios could be validated. Most of the songs in the film are either montages or situational songs. Music by Anil is melodious. Dialogues are okay and maintaining the multiplex viewers in mind, the conversation author has composed some British interactions. The principles are sufficient. Director Praveen Sattaru absolutely had no know-how in film-making and came to Indian to immediate the film. This had ultimately assisted him to identify the figures in a novel way. The story-telling could be seen on the display in a never before way. Of course, deficiency of skill led to a couple of expanded scenarios, which could have prevented by editing.

The film does not have frequent professional components.The whole first 50 percent is taken for the organization of figures and the second 50 percent is quite interesting. As a whole, the film could be experienced by the existing day younger generation.

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