Cast: Daggubati Rana, Genelia, Shawar Ali, Subba Raju, Brahmanandam, Ali, Harshavardhan, Chitram Srinu, Nazar, Pavitra and others
Directed by: Prakash Toleti
Produced by: Paruchuri Kiriti
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Music: Chakri

Naa Ishtam begins on an common observe and remains the same throughout the first time. There are few viewable series in between. The scenarios including Bharath are good. A delicious product music also is placed at this factor which performs well to keep the attention streaming. Even the period perspective performs a bit.

Taking the tale ahead from that factor became the greatest problem for the home. He couldn’t narrate the tale in a effective way and the idol character’s purposes are not informed effectively. Director is left in a state of misunderstandings about how to deal with the figures. He did not show the right and incorrect factors of his major figures.

Besides that misunderstandings, the home seems very poor in the funny division and further moistened the leads of the movie. He didn’t even create the figures well for the viewers to hook up with them. Naa Ishtam might have proved helpful if the home proved helpful on the movie script and characterizations.

Too much escapism in the second time by putting so many action scenarios and a absurd rogue reveals that the home missing the hold on the story. Only few minutes maintains the attention in the first time and relax of the movie is a big yawn. We don’t suggest this movie to our audiences. Rest is ‘your wish’.

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