Cast: Sudha, Nara Rohit, Nagendra Babu, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, M.S.Narayana, Chandra Mohan, Nithya Menon, Bramanandam
Written by: Chintapalli Ramana
Cinematography: Andrew
Editing by: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Music Director: Karthik Raja
Producer: C V Reddy
Director: Srinivasa Rao

Sometimes you know the destiny of the film by its headline. That is exactly how you experience when you observe Okkadine and stroll out of the cinema. Some sign that it would be better to see a film with a larger team for organization and some actually recommend that the film needs only one man in the projector space as the audience. You wish to go single sometimes when there is a increase in solution prices but you end up sensation lot more better if there are few more to discuss the encounter. If you need to know why we said this, then see Okkadine.

Shailaja (Nitya Menen) is a little girl of an ambitious primary reverend Sivaji Rao (Sai Kumar), she areas at manchester international terminal and is escorted home to a active dad who has no here we are at her. Sivaji Rao’s non-profit and excellent characteristics impresses his little girl and she too considers that excellent individuals like him should get into state policies. While Sivaji Rao results in for USA. his little girl along with her buddy Sujatha (Snigdha) goes to Ramapuram, a little far away from Vishakapatanam and remains at Seenu Mama’s (Naga Babu) position . While on a stroll in the woodlands she is hurt and Surya (Nara Rohit) requires her home where his dad who is an professional in Ayurveda snacks her.

Shaila starts to really like Surya’s passionate and huge close relatives something that she has skipped all her lifestyle and when Surya suggests to her she is more than satisfied. She instantly calling her dad over the cellphone and shows him and he has no issues. Saijaja shows the same to Seenu Parents and he is amazed because Surya and his close relatives passed away many in the past and he has been a observe to it. Also he cremated them individually. Now this is a actual perspective in the tale..or did Sailaja stay with ghosts? Or is it her imagination? Or is it for real?

Whenever there is something unjust occurring, the idol descends on the landscape and it happens in Telugu cinema too. When the heroine areas a baddie doing something impossible and she curses him, he goes up in fire. She believes a car incident might occur to a boosting automobile and it actually strikes a walls and tumbles. You might think that this is really exciting and awaken from your sleep, you are surrounded by a sequence of periods. One looks like an activity show, another loved ones members dilemma and the next is a vengeance landscape. By enough time you achieve the period you want to create sure it is not a phantom film.

After the crack, the periods in Surya’s home appear very impressive, the film director though produces attention before the crack, he does not use it to his benefits. It is actually a idol who requires vengeance on someone who baby wipes out his close relatives. Rohit fought in choosing the right tale, he unsuccessful in providing out the right movement. Underplaying feelings is not an simple job, it comes with encounter and he has a lengthy way to go. Nitya Menen did a excellent job but in the second 50 percent transformed into a phony personality. Sai Kumar has not been given a opportunity but Naga Babu took a blade and went berserk in the second aspect. All the comics MS Nararayana, Brahmanandam and Ali hardly evoked any fun. The film director took additional attention to confirm that Snigdha is a women.

The specialized division was at an all-time low. The dialogues, songs never proved helpful and songs came up in the incorrect locations. The film should have finished a lot previously but the film director drawn it needlessly. In the starting of the film we talked about requiring at least four individuals for organization while viewing this film. Think why? If you weak while or after viewing this film, there would have been a certain emergency for those four to bring you home.

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