Vana Yuddham

Cast: Kishore, Lakshmi Rai, Vijayalakshmi, Arjun Sarja…
Producer: A M R Ramesh
Director: A M R Ramesh

AMR Ramesh likes to create questionable movies depending on actual lifestyle occurrences and figures. After creating a movie Kuppi on Rajiv Gandhi killing, Ramesh is now searching into Veerappan’s last times in Vana Yuddham.

It is a bio-pic on the go up and down of woodlands brigand Veerappan accountable for the loss of lifestyle of many cops and woodlands authorities and poaching over 200 monsters. He was the most desired man in two declares Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where he managed for nearly two years.
Ramesh is on very delicate area as he had to please the cops and political figures in two declares. Included to that, Veerappan’s spouse before launch of the movie objected to her expression in the movie and took him to judge. So he had to remove all moments of Veerappan’s romantic lifestyle with his spouse Muthulakshmi.

In brief Vana Yuddham is a bargain movie, which had been reduce to get that U certification and Tamil Nadu govt enjoyment tax omission. The first 50 percent of the movie is about the increase of Veerappan (Kishore) as a well known woodlands brigand and the way he consistently removed cops and woodlands authorities who was standing in his way. The activities are informed in a documented design and also by using actual tv cuttings.

The second 50 percent of the movie is how Tamil Nadu Unique Process Power advancing by IG Vijay Kumar (Arjun) using courtesy and cunningness destroys the well known brigand. The post-interval movie goes at a much quicker speed and the ejaculation is amazing, as much is not known about his loss of lifestyle.
Technically Vijay Milton’s photographic camera, Antony’s quick moving modifying and Sandeep Chowtha’s backdrop ranking are the features of the movie. The home has been able to capture in actual places, which creates it exciting. However the pressured removal of moments stays out like a painful thumbs. There are no women figures in the movie except Lakshmi Rai who creates a wink-you-will-miss overall look as a TV core. Vijayalakshmi ‘s moments such as Veerappan’s wedding to her has been completely deleted
On the whole Vana Yuddham has a documented experience to it. Still value a look thanks to the activities of Arjun and Kishore.

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