Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Tapsee, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Ali, Jeeva, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay, Satyam Rajesh, Siva Reddy, Babloo, Tulasi, Surekha Vani, Satya Krishnan
Dialogues: Raja
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: S Gopal Reddy
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Art: Raghu Kulakarni
Presented by: Mohan Babu
Producer: Vishnu Manchu
Story, screenplay, and directed by: Hemanth Madhukar.

The attributes of Vastadu Naa Raju in the starting of the movie has acknowledgements to BVS Ravi, Gopi Mohan, etc, etc..wonder what their participation to the movie was but they should discuss the fault in providing the viewers difficulties. Vastadu Naa Raju is individual expanded. Don’t know if Mohan Babu had viewed 3 Dummies but someone should tell him not to power his art on his child to fulfill his ego or bring his banner forward and let them do what they are best at. Or if that is incorrect the family members should display whim on the viewers.

After trying out various topics, Vishnu comes returning to believe in Dhee, the movie and the outfit throw that powered him as an acting professional. The release is exciting, easy, straightforward and that increases your objectives. Unfortunately the movie thereafter has nothing new to provide, it is so amazingly clichéd and foreseen, the humor dull, the ejaculation so exhausting..this could have been instructed by any identify boy on the set who has a reasonable information of cut, duplicate.

Taapsee, inadequate little lovely lady, she needs to delay for another Telugu movie to demonstrate her quality but here her movement were deadpan. Satya Krishnan creates a enjoyable overall look but what she does through out the movie is holding a menu of grain and curry and is fussing over her partner or her sister-in-law like a mom hen, asking them to eat.

Brahmanandam knows the movie is on his back, so he just provides it uninterestedly, none of his movement perform, even if you were to tickle yourself to grin. Ajay is the only shiny identify but he too has hardly anything to do. It’s just not celebrities who have surpassed their primary need to do some spirit looking, personality artistes, rogue like Prakash Raj should quit making a mockery of themselves in dramas such as this.

Don’t invest too plenty of your energy and energy considering why this movie could be foolish. About the tale, the starting of the movie has a pursuit landscape that is from Nenu Neeku Telusa, the idol getting and operating in paths and by-lanes, long difficult speech on Telugu Vadu, collections on Anjali Paapa which we have already seen a number of several weeks returning, a heroine who is kidnapped by the idol and whose really like tale flowers after a complete two time. Wait, the woman has three desires, she wants to be with her stuffed keep, wants to create her examination, wants to check out the forehead on between all this the hero’s bicycle operates out of fuel and the viewers out of vapor.

Vishnu tries to mimic his dad, is determined by funny and drives the really like tale to the second 50 percent, whatever the mixture is it isn’t able to get results. Modifying is jerky, music not value hearing, photographic camera perform is good nothing outstanding, dialogues are confusing. No opportunity for celebrities to increase, as the material is defective with a absurd ending. Vastadu Naa Raju can be a secure inclusion to the Manchu household’s DVD selection of individual success.

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Vastadu Naa Raju – Part 1

Vastadu Naa Raju – Part 2

Vastadu Naa Raju – Part 3

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