Vetadu Ventadu

Cast: Vishal Krishna,Trisha,Sunaina ,Manoj Bajpai
Producer: Srinivas Damera
Director: Thiru

Vetadu Ventadu is an action-thriller, which has a lot of creativities and changes in the tale. Vishal, a travel information and the son of Woodlands Ranger Azhagam Perumal, and Sunaina have separated methods. After a few several weeks, he gets a mail from his ex-girlfriend in which she wrote an apology page and requested him to come to Bangkok.

The page delivers him a lot of joy and he instantly equipment up for his first-ever international journey. In the journey, he satisfies Trisha Krishnan and they convert best buddies. The actual tale starts when he areas in Thailand, as there is a risk to his lifestyle. He has been stuck and he battles to come out from it with the help of Trisha Krishnan. Then, we are presented to callous baddies performed by JD Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai.

The first 50 percent increases a lot of concerns and the the second 50 percent solutions all of them. Who is behind the game? What occurred to his love? What part Trisha is enjoying in this trap? You should observe the movie to get solutions to all these concerns.

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